Cadencia Productions

Cadencia Productions brings together musicians, dancers and visual artists from around Australia and around the world to create unique and intimate concerts with a focus on world rhythms. 

Anna Griffiths has been working in events for the last 7 years, both behind the scenes and as a performer. Her love for world music and dance is behind the creation of Cadencia Productions.

With Cadencia Productions, Anna has produced a number of sell out shows – The Art of Cadencia (initially created for the Sydney Sacred Music Festival), Ay Pachanga and Tango Poema.

Cadencia Productions works closely and collaborates with local and international artists of various disciplines to tour and promote events.

Lastly, Cadencia Productions has teamed up with Sydney’s newest contemporary Art Gallery – Peach Black Gallery to present a series of events that brings together art of all styles. Together with the gallery, they have successfully brought together artists of many cultures to present sell out concerts set in the intimate surroundings of stunning art work.

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