Art meets Music

Having only recently opened, Peach Black Gallery has hit the Sydney Art scene with a bang. Cadencia Productions works closely with the gallery to manage all styles of events – from opening nights to ticketed events. With a focus on creating intimate high quality experiences, that weave art, music and dance together.  the shows have always sold out with rave reviews from audiences.


After the recent Arrebato sold out show at Peach Black, we will  Showcase Flamenco again in it’s purest form.

 Tablao is a night of raw emotion in an intimate setting. The performance brings together dancers from The Sydney Flamenco Studio led by Chachy Peñalver accompanied by musicians – Greg Alfonzetti (Guitar), Damian DeBoos (Cello), Byron Mark (Percussion) and Zoe Velez (Singing).


Bobby Alu24/10/19

In October this year we welcomed award winning Bobby Alu through the doors, just prior to his nation wide tour with Busby Marou. The group performed with a special guest Moemoanna, and weaved their way through the night with gorgeous sounds, dance and stories of growing up as a Samoan Australian.

“His chilled out Pacific tunes have a long-lasting feel good effect and his finely crafted songs have instant appeal.” ABC Radio Australia


Arrebato Ensemble29/08/19

Three passionate musicians who write with all aspects of their heart, Arrebato Ensemble create a mesmerising and highly dynamic journey for their audience. The group’s music is primarily contemporary flamenco, with elements of classical, jazz, film soundtrack and folk music creating beautifully dynamic and emotive concerts.

The group’s previous albums drew critical acclaim with John Shand describing that while their music “moves from pure flamenco in favour of a more contemporary style, the spirit, a dramatic, sexually charged and haughty sadness, remains intact.” (SMH)


Miriam Lieberman31/07/19

A tapestry of cultures and sounds come together for this exquisite concert set around Miriam Lieberman and her Kora (African Harp).  With a strong musical chemistry between Miriam Lierberman’s Trio, the players effortlessly bridge an unconventional mix of kora and Western classical instruments. Together they build lush harmonies and soaring string arrangements around Miriam’s songs.

“Miriam Lieberman is something of a renaissance woman ……somehow she achieves the almost impossible in blending patterned western-ed pop writing with the earthy mystique of African rhythms and freaky world instruments.” Sydney City News.


La Yumba26/06/19

Carlos Arango, Josefina paz Thayer and Feña Coloma, with special guest Adolfo Trepiana 

“Yumba’ – a word chosen by Tango musician Osvaldo Pugliese for it’s onomatopoeic similarity with the profound gasping from a bandoneón.

The sound of Adolfo Trepiana’s Bandoneon will weave its way through the heart of this unique Tango concert that will draw on sonic flavours from wider world music influences. Each of these highly acclaimed musicians have cultivated their own style, from Klezmer to Cumbia to Folkloric and Tango.  

Their mix of sounds mirrors the eclectic beginnings of Tango Music – a style born on the streets of the working-class ports of Buenos Aires and Montevideo with influences from immigrants that populated the ports at the time.


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